2 Non-Fiction Lifestyle Hacks To Get Fit And Boost Testosterone January 14, 2017

Beef, it’s what’s for dinner

If you are a man who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk then you know how easy it is to get woefully out of shape. Whether you are working, or reading your favorite book, the time spent on your butt can translate into some serious extra poundage. Even worse is the fact that when you put on body fat your testosterone levels can take a dip, especially if you are over 30 or 40. This can mean a brain that doesn’t function as well as it could, and this is just not acceptable if you do any type of creative work,, or even just value your ability to think clearly!

But what are you to do? For most of us long sessions in the gym or a crazy diet just isn’t going to happen anytime soon (lets be realistic!) The solution is to try to find simple lifestyle hacks to help you slim down that mid-section without needing to overhaul your whole lifestyle. Here are a few good ones I’ve found:

(Please note that none of this is medical or health advice, these are simply my thoughts. Always consult a healthcare professional, like a doctor before making any changes to your nutrition plan, exercise routines, or before starting or stopping any medication or supplementation):

Lifestyle Hack #1) Get A Standing Desk And Do Air Squats Every 45 Minutes or So

Sitting at a desk all day is just plain unhealthy, and it definitely doesn’t nothing to help you to get those taut 6 pack abs you’ve always wanted. And lets face it, nothing beats six pack abs. Every man knows this – visible abs are the ultimate fitness goal that we all want, but most of us don’t believe is possible.

Now I’m not promising that standing while you work and doing air squats will automatically give you six-pack abs, but it definitely won’t hurt. And if you are already pretty lean, then there is an outside chance that this is the one thing that puts you over the edge and makes that fantasy (of abs) a reality for you at long last.

Obviously, the longer you stand and the more squats you do the better. Just take it slow and build up at your own pace over time. Here’s a video of how to do air squats if you don’t know…

Lifestyle Hack #2) Get On A Testosterone Boosting Diet

There’s an old saying that goes “abs are made in the kitchen” and this is, in my humble opinion, 100% true. It’s along the same lines as “you can’t out run a bad diet”. So the bottom line is – no matter how many air squats or other exercises you do, if you are eating like crap it’s not going to do you much good. But this is a “lifestyle hack, not diet advice, so what am I recommending here you may wonder – just how simple is this “T Boosting Diet” I speak of?

Well, I’ve done a fair bit of research on this topic, and as far as I can tell the keys to boosting test through diet come down to: eating plenty of animal protein and saturated fat, avoiding processed foods (like simple carbs and soy), eating lots of plants and keeping portion size in check.

I don’t know about you, but that is a pretty simple set of guidelines if you ask me! NanoMagazine recently had a post about a specific “nutrition system” you can follow that was designed specifically for guys over 40 who are looking to boost testosterone, so there are definitely more in depth approaches that you can follow. That said following those 4 easy rules I mentioned earlier is an easy way to start.

In a perfect world 2 little lifestyle hacks would be all you need to get a perfect set of abs like those featured on the boxes of Calvin Klein underwear. But unfortunately getting abs will probably require a bit more work. The key thing here is “baby-steps”. Start with these 2 hacks, try them out for 21 days and see how you feel, then reassess and keep it moving!

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